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Humble Homes, Big Dreams

“Upgrading these underprivileged homes is an investment in the well-being, security, and safety of children and families.”

This mindset, summarized by BFL Contracting President Benton Grant, is the foundation of The Humble Homes Dream Catcher Project. Our goal is to make annual visits to different Caribbean countries, to offer our services locally, and support communities in need.

It began with a personal connection. Benton was born and raised in Jamaica, and after finding success in Canada, felt compelled to give back to the community that had supported him.

“Coming back to Canada, I often thought about how I could utilize my success here to touch and impact the lives of people living in unstable communities back there.”

These annual visits began in 2014 and started small. The team stayed in the parish of Saint Mary, in Jamaica, and canvassed the area for people in need and for volunteers. The community centre was brought to their attention. After planning with leaders in the community and purchasing supplies locally, the team went about making repairs, including a new fence around the building.

As the trips continued, we became more ambitious and well-connected. The local school brought a particular family forward, and after planning, gathering supplies, and organizing volunteers, the team was able to add a new bedroom extension onto the home. Our latest project before the pandemic involved a major interior renovation for a different family, this including framing work, drywall and plaster, painting, tiling, and more.

The Humble Homes Dream Catcher Project would be impossible without the combined support of both our Caribbean and Canadian communities. In Canada, fundraisers held in person and online through platforms like GoFundMe have provided the financial backbone this initiative needs to succeed. A portion of all profit made by BFL throughout the rest of the year also goes towards the project, which we hope will only continue to grow in the years to come.

This project is one of the main ways BFL actively gives back to our community and shares our tenant-focused philosophy. Without the support of others or the dedication of our team of professionals, we would be unable to impact lives in the way we believe we must.

To learn more about The Humble Homes Dream Catcher Project, or to see how you can receive the same care with your own dream project, contact us by phone or email today.


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